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Since this web site was established in 1997, many of my inquiries have been about RSD. This injury is now called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS, but most experts still continue to use RSD as the acronym. I have been contacted by Australian doctors, English victims, and the Los Angeles Times.  However, most of my queries come from the RSD victims and the lawyers who represent them.

For an overview of RSD, please look on my CV page at the papers I have presented to the RSD Litigation Group of the American Trial Lawyers. The footnotes have the leading experts listed. For the convenience of attorneys, there is an outline of my deposition of an RSD expert.

Many inquiries I have had are not potential lawsuits and do not need an attorney. People have been coming to me for doctor recommendations and information about RSD. However, I am not a doctor and they should really be talking to their physicians. I really feel for these victims, especially when they have just been diagnosed and are surfing the Web to find out about RSD. It is a rude and cruel awakening.

However, the contacts I receive have become too numerous to respond to all of them, which I really regret. To reduce the number of e-mail inquiries, let me give the answers to the most common questions:

  1. I no longer take workers compensation cases. However, if you were injured at work and there is a potential third-party claim, such as a machine manufacturer or a driver who was negligent in a car accident, please feel free to contact me. If you have a straight workers compensation case and reside in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, I recommend Barbara Lambrano Williamson (972) 259-1913 and Kay Goggin (972) 437-1965. Tell her Mary Alice referred you.
  2. I primarily practice in Texas and Washington, D.C. If your case is significant with clear liability, I might be able to come help your local attorney try the damages aspects of the RSD injury. Have him or her contact me, as I have been admitted Pro Hac Vice in other states before.
  3. Most of the experts agree that the doctor you need to be seeing should be an anesthesiologist or neurologist, not an orthopedic surgeon. Most orthopedic surgeons want to start operating, which could greatly aggravate your RSD.
  4. Here are several known experts in RSD who can testify and treat patients:

    Gabor Racz, M. D.
    Head of Anesthesiology
    Texas Tech School of Medicine
    Lubbock, TX
    (806) 743-3112

    John Claude Krusz, M.D.
    Dallas, TX
    (214) 750-6664

    Wilfrid Janig, Dr. med
    Physiologisches Institut
    Christian-Albrechts- Unisversitat zu Kiel
    Kiel, Germany

    Pain Management Center
    Cleveland Clinic Foundation
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Michael Stanton-Hicks MB BS

    Anthony F. Kirkpatrick, M.D., Ph.D.
    The RSD/CPRS Treatment Center and Research Institute
    Tampa, FL

    Aaron Calodney, M.D., Pain Management Specialist
    1814 Roseland Blvd., 2nd Floor
    Tyler, Tx 75701

    Joshua Prager, M.D., M.S., (associated with UCLA)
    CRPS (Center for the Rehabilitation of Regional Pain Syndromes)
    100 UCLA Medical Plaza, Ste 760
    Los Angeles, CA 90095

    Norman Harden, M.D.,
    Director of the Center for Pain Studies
    Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Northwestern University
    Feinberg School of Medicine and Anesthesiology
    201 E. Huron
    Chicago, Ill.

  5. These publications might help the reader gain more knowledge of RSD:

    Clinical Practice Guidelines for RSD/CRPS
    International Research Foundation for RSD/CRPS

    Reflex sympathetic Dystrophy: A Reappraisal
    Dr. Wilfrid Janig and Michael Stanton-Hicks, Editors

  6. Here is more information, which may be of interest:

    American Family Physician, Volume 56, Number 9, December 1997

To all RSD Sufferers out there:

I cannot pretend that I know how you feel. I never want to know that kind of pain and misery. I really do sympathize with you. The most graphic description I have heard about the pain, came in an e-mail from a woman in North Carolina. She said:

"There is not a day that goes by that I don't feel intense deep down burning pain as though your limb were in a charcoal grill and you never take it out."

Good Luck to You!!! May God Bless You and Keep You!!!

The statements and information provided on this web site are for the information of the recipient only. This site is not intended to provide legal advice and no attorney-client relationship should be deemed to arise from the receipt this page and/or its associated pages.


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